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camel fair pushkar 2018

Pushkar Fair 2018 in Rajasthan

camel fair pushkar 2018

camel fair pushkar 2018

Pushkar of the most famous towns in Rajasthan, Pushkar exactly transforms one to a different world. The cattle fair held at Pushkar has its renown all over the world and is the biggest of such fairs.

Pushkar is situated amidst desert and is in close proximity of Ajmer. This small town has its own charm. The temples along the Pushkar Lake are the visitors delight. The Bramha Temple is the only one of it’s kind. Pushkar has mythological importance, as it is said that lord Bramha was searching a suitable place4 for ‘yagna’ (a fire sacrifice) and while searching a lotus fell from his hand and caused the formation of the Pushkar lake that is why it is held to be sacred and Pushkar remains one of the most religious places for the Hindus.

But the real charm of Pushkar lies in its cattle fair, which is held on the eve of Kartik purnima (the day of the new moon) every year. This main attraction for the tourists from all over the world as they get to witness the amazing event where around 50000 cattle is bought for trade. There is accumulation of buyers and sellers from all over northwest India. All the prized animals including camels; horses, cows, goats and sheep are available in large numbers. The otherwise quiet town bustles with activity during the fair and the scarce population magnifies from 15000 to 200000.

It will be an unjustified narrowing of description if the vital cultural aspects of the fair are not spoken about. The fair witnesses a rare confluence of devotees, musicians, acrobats, folk dancers, traders, comedians, holy men and tourists. The atmosphere is bustling with energy and the vivacity is hard to be found anywhere else in the world. There has been enormous addition to the cattle fair down the age. Interesting folk music spots activities involving camels are all; bazras all together make the Pushkar fair of today.

The closing ceremony is as interesting as the fair itself. It is customary to have a dip at the Pushkar lake on the closing day of the fair and at dusk thousands of leaf boats are employed to carry earthen lamps to the docile waters of the lake, this creates a wonderful sight and thus the biggest fair is brought to close.

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